Randall Hunt


About Randall Hunt

Randall Hunt, was raised in the inner city streets Compton, California. With a love and passion for innovation, Randall has always been one to push the boundaries of what’s possible. When he was nine years old, Randall watched a golf tournament on television and was hooked. But without the means to pursue the typical path towards a career in golf, Randall had to draw upon less traditional methods.

“I learned to golf by checking out gold instructional books from the local library and hitting golf balls in a dirt field.” That, combined with ten thousand hours of trial and error, led him to develop a stellar wing and an even better work ethic. Fast forward a bit, and Randall Hunt’s golfing skills led him to become one of the top junior golfers in the country, earning him a full-ride golf scholarship to Pepperdine University, the Division 1 NCAA National Champions.

During his time in college, Randall endured a car accident that led to the partial paralyzation of his right arm. After countless surgeries and rehabilitation attempts with some of the best medical professionals in the world, the verdict was that Randall could never golf again and that he should likely accept a life of chronic pain.

Dissatisfied with simply accepting this news, Randall Hunt decided to take his quest for healing upon himself — remember that talk of innovation? With this in mind, Randall returned to the library – this time, medical libraries – and taught himself everything he could about the possibilities of the human body. Armed with this knowledge and the sheer determination, Randall developed – after a number of failed attempts – an interactive system for optimal nerve and muscle development. The result? He fully regained the use of his right arm, completely ridding himself of the chronic pain. Randall Hunt returned to playing gold, competing in and winning championships around the world. His Bionetic system, which has now been used by some of the world’s top athletes and the United States Olympic Training Center has led to the creation of the Athletic Apex Enterprise, of which he is the Acting CEO.

In his spare time, Randall loves spending time with his beautiful family, flying airplanes, traveling, and focusing on dedicating time, resources, and innovation to the community around him.

Randall was appointed by the Governor of Florida into the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board which oversees more than 21,000 employees and $4 billion in assets.

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