Entrepreneurs often start businesses when there is an opportunity presented. The main goal of entrepreneurs is to satisfy a need or issue plaguing the market. With the global health crisis, more people are laid off from their jobs. The lack of funds means people must discover ways to make ends meet and provide for their families. Some lesser-known events are coming out of this pandemic. Many companies are beginning operations to innovate, as technology has some areas for improvement even in 2020. Although many businesses are closing, the next great business may be on the horizon. Here’s why the pandemic should not scare you from starting a business. 


There’s an answer in nonobvious places

When entrepreneurs are thinking of the next idea or business to start, they often overthink. Some things entrepreneurs can overthink about are the size of the market, the viability of the product or service, and the cost of beginning the business. Besides these three, another question entrepreneurs ask themselves is “will this work?” and oftentimes, it will. However, there are some things you should consider first. What’s a problem you face now? Is there a solution on the market currently? If the last question is no, create a network of people who can inform you about your target market and industry. No one thought smartphones would take off until Steve Jobs released the first iPhone. Now, most people can’t live without them. 


The job market is turbulent: 

With the recent lockdowns recently lifted in some areas while others remain in quarantine, some businesses are experiencing a substantial loss. The lost revenue means jobs are the first expense a company cuts. This led to the high unemployment rate across the country. With no other option to provide income to their families, people are starting their own businesses. Entrepreneurs have more job security than if they were working for someone else. While entrepreneurs often work 2x more than your typical worker, they enjoy the process a lot more. The process at first is grueling, but soon you will be in control of your own destiny and you will pay it forward in your community by creating jobs.